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Hey @pez 👋:skin-tone-3: The REPL issue that we talked about happened twice again today. • Definitely was not caused by a shortcut. • I opened project -> jack-in -> chose Leiningen -> chose profile -> REPL broken • repeated this twice • Did again 3rd time (and 4th time), works fine


@michael.c.lester Einstein would be surprised!

😆 3

Jokes aside. It's very hard to guess what could be going on. If you can run Calva in dev mode, maybe you have a chance to find a clue. Also, even w/o dev mode, you can look in the developer console for calva originated errors. There is also a developer console for the webview hosting the repl window.


Thanks for the tips @pez Will check into it today and update you if I can make any progress on the issue.