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Thanks. More questions: 1. Is this a Figwheel Main project? (The output complains about not finding the Figwheel Main config files) 2. What does the Calva Connection Log say? (It is an output channel.) It looks like the clj repl is created correctly, which is why you can evaluate stuff in the clj repl window. But the cljs repl is never connected. Tell us a bit more about the project and we can probably figure out a way to jack in.


The leiningen version complaint is strange. What do you get if you run lein --version in a VS Code terminal?


A lot of Alt key bindings and Alt + F1 to Alt + F11 are unused as per A calva flavour of keybindings using them would be a good to have. any opinions in this forum? ex: Alt J for Jackin?

Bobbi Towers02:06:30

I only have one hand that I can type with - so the default bindings are difficult for me. I use shift+enter and ctrl+enter for eval-top-form and eval-current-form. I don't understand why people make them so complicated... 😂


I've been using alt+enter for evel top level a while. Maybe it's time we do an overhaul of the default ones. At least the most commonly used.


One reason many Calva default shortcuts are so complicated is that every time (and they are plenty) we've tried something simple, some users has ran into troubles. Most safe simple shortcuts are taken. Further, I have tried to keep a unified set of shortcuts across platforms, making the safe simple shortcut space even narrower.


@U8LB00QMD, do you have some other custom shortcuts? Supporting one-handed usage seems like an interesting route to try to tackle this. 😃

Bobbi Towers06:06:48

No that's pretty much it! I'm actually designing a single-handed keyboard for myself (and others who are either permanently or situationally one-handed). Vim-style bindings are nice, because you actually only need one finger. But modal editing is not for everyone.

Bobbi Towers06:06:14

Oh yeah, and I use Ctrl+Shift+Enter to load the whole file. I've been using these on both Linux and Windows without any conflicts.


Thanks! I’m going to create an issue on GH to host a broader discussion around shortcuts. Will update this thread when that issue exists.

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Great idea! I was just thinking recently we should brainstorm / start a discussion about this. Key bindings are a recurring issue it seems.


Yeah, you are a big part in nudging me to start this discussion, @U9A1RLFNV. Not sure we can make it a non-issue, but we can certainly improve the situation a lot.

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@U8LB00QMD I have similar concerns. Whoever designed emacs had big strong palm and long and thick fingers. that's why there is so much importance on the ctrl key. If Darwin is correct, many emacs users will grow a sixth thumb to press the control key. Personally it's a pain for me to reach to the ctrl key. I get RSI pains..


@U0ETXRFEW please bring the keyboard configuration to the top section of the documentation to draw attention to customization. I would suggest keeping the existing keybindings as it is and add the new ones that start with alt j or alt x. visual studio code allows duplicate keybindings for the same function..


The little finger gets the most burdensome task. If I have to start from the scratch, I will keep the control key in the middle of the keyboard