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@pez, @borkdude, babashka + calva is a thing of beauty. I've been using it for most of the week to extricate myself from a YAML-hell. I'm having a great time with it, nicely done to all involved. This is a KILLER TOOL

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Manuel Ceron19:06:19

Hi everyone! Clojure newbie here. I'm wondering why my define-variable function is colored in a special way in Calva. Is it because it is some sort of special form in Clojure? (although I haven't found anything in the docs) or is it a bug in the syntax highlighter?


Generally in Clojure, things starting with def are macros, so Calva colors it like that. I bet you'll get something similar if you disable Calva.

Manuel Ceron19:06:26

I see, thanks for the explanation 🙂

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Please don't hesitate to keep asking. I am super interested in what new Clojurians find peculiar. I used to count myself as one, but even if I am still very much a beginner, I'm getting used to a lot of it and have lost the fresh look at things.

Manuel Ceron19:06:38

Thanks! I really appreciate the welcoming attitude. I'm really enjoying learning Clojure, and yes, I've found a lot of peculiar things, as the language and tooling is considerably different to the languages I've used before. But these peculiarities have been part of the fun 🙂


Haha, yeah, it is different in a fun way! For me, personally, there is no return. I'm addicted to the fast feedback. I just love it, warts and all.


@pez I think I owe you some PRs.


one thing I wanted to ask, is there still a way to "auto" parinfer instead of the hotkey?


i can't find the setting


You can use the parinfer extension. But then would need to disable some of Calva's auto formatting. There is some info about that in the docs.