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Hallo @pez! Writing my own custom cljs repl sequence. It’s based off of clojure cli running shadow-cljs (instead of the other way around) and I’ve got it working, except I want to parametrize the build id. Having trouble with that though, as the current built-in shadow-cljs code has a format that’s slightly different from what’s documented. e.g. it’s a map with build and repl keys, and the string is defined with a backtick. There seems to be some string replacement going on. Is there some other documentation for this?


Only the code, I am afraid. Which could need some fixes, of course.


I'm going afk now, but will read up later today in case you have found more clues. 😃

Manuel Ceron14:05:53

Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is a new feature, or an old one and I just missed it some how. But showing the stacktraces is absolutely fantastic! As a Clojure beginner this has truly improved my experience a lot. Thanks a lot for this! ❤️

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calva 20

Is there a way to run a repl command on save?


I don't think there is a hook for this, unfortunately. I don't know your use case, but there is at least the Eval on Save setting.


Actually, if you put some code at the top level of the file in question, and enabled Eval on Save, this probably would do that, but of course, that's a per file use and requires the code to be in the file, so it's not very portable.


If by "repl command" you mean some Calva command related to the repl, then also no, I don't think so, but then what I said above does not apply either.


Thinking out loud: Maybe it can be added as a config to Custom REPL commands/snippets? runOnSave, or something like that. We would need to invent a way to pass the file and/or ns along as an argument to make it flexible. I can see how this would be good for some workflows.


Yeah, definitely achievable