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Hello! Can anybody help me with calva REPL? I wrote an app a year ago, which is hugely interacts with REPL, and that time calva had simple REPL and everything was fine. I prepare a presentation of this project, checked it yesterday and current calva REPL works very bad with it (but regular terminal REPL still works fine). Of course, I can copypaste code from VScode to terminal REPL everytime, but it would be more convinient if I can use Calva REPL. So, is there a way to start simle working good old-style one?


Unfortunately not. The old terminal-based REPL is removed. Can you describe how your app interacts with the REPL and how the current REPL window doesn't support it?


I can try. This app is debugger, which allows multiple breakpoints, on on each one opens a new clojure repl session to inspect current environment. But in calva repl sometimes it behaves like it locks enter key, sometimes does not show prompt and output, or stops process with exception or freeze. I can show in a video call if you have time.


Maybe there are some settings in json file to remove all paredit, formatiing etc from current repl? But I'm not sure if it helps


Seems that it is gui-based and this is unsolvable


We probably should add back the terminal repl integration.


It would be great! Hope for it!


That looks pretty interesting. I'm guessing this has its own purpose (maybe portable outside of Calva and other things), but seeing as how you just came back to Calva, have you seen the new debugger built into Calva?


Unfortunatelly not, thanks, I'l try to play with it. My debugger is ide/editor agnostic, repl-based only, but anyway I do not use any of them in my work, standard repl is enough to me, but such projects are very interesting to create and play with 🙂

bringe22:05:35 if you want to check it out

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Hi! Is there a parameter to align multi-line strings by string start? Here is the screenshot what I want to do: