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@hoppy, can you reproduce that condition where Calva commands are not found? If you could catch that in the debugger, it would be worth a ton. I can't get it to happen which makes it very hard to fix.


for me, it's just go off to a new directory, "code -n fun.clj"; type '(', ')'; <backspace> and I'm in trouble


ok so there is a marked difference between opening a file and opening a directory.


yeah, that's the different bit. everything is fine if I'm working with a folder open, but just a file open, things go bonkers.


Okay, some plugins are not activated unless the open directory is detected to be of specific type. For example, a plugin can check the presence of deps.edn in the directory and activate Calva.


It's interesting that I haven't stumbled on this earlier. The usual case is working on a project, but a simple babashka exercise breaks that mold.


I think Calva is deeply assuming there is a project folder. It might be some work to get rid of that.


Please file as issue.




sorry I only bring trouble - other than that, this thing has been humming nicely for months for me. Liking the beginnings of the debugger as well.

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Dear Calva-friends, please help test a new feature with rainbow indent guides. It disables VS Code's built in guides (they make very little sense for LISPy code) and adds structural lines instead, colored by the same rainbow as the parens. There is a screenshot here: And here's a VSIX to install and test: