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Hi 👋 Got an error with jack-in today for lein + legacy figwheel:

The Calva Connection Log might have more connection progress information.
FileNotFoundException Could not locate figwheel_sidecar/repl_api__init.class or figwheel_sidecar/repl_api.clj on classpath. Please check that namespaces with dashes use underscores in the Clojure file name.  clojure.lang.RT.load (
Error while connecting cljs REPL: TypeError: Cannot read property 'search' of undefined
Jack-in done
How it started:
> Executing task: lein update-in :dependencies conj '[nrepl"0.6.0"]' -- update-in :dependencies conj '[cider/piggieback"0.4.2"]' -- update-in :plugins conj '[cider/cider-nrepl"0.23.0"]' -- update-in '[:repl-options :nrepl-middleware]' conj '["cider.nrepl/cider-middleware"]' -- update-in '[:repl-options :nrepl-middleware]' conj '["cider.piggieback/wrap-cljs-repl"]' -- repl :headless <
[figwheel-sidecar "0.5.19"]
in dependencies it works now. Was something changed? The project and my setup wasn’t changed. I’ve only noticed Calva update.


I’m using custom sequence


Hi! Yes, something changed, and I think I have forgotten to tell about it... Anyway, Calva no longer injects a sidecar dependency at jack-in (b/c it is not really something todo with the IDE integration). So your solution is the right one.


Calva-friends: I guess this can mean that more people are going to run into sidecar related dependencies. Please help me help them. (And I should really look at better error handling there, that's awful...)


thanks 👍