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i dont mind contributing!


what should i write though?


maybe ill make a PR and you can give it a look over

metal 4

@tjb a PR would be most welcome.


Thanks! Is that a thing? I have only Replete to test with right now, and it refuses to read it.


no, i don't think it's a thing -- it looks like it's someone's experiment trying to do heredocs in clojure.


Didn't read the whole thing. (I'm using a phone) Have they provided a reader for it? But that couldn't work, right, b/c the java code is not a sexpr...


it's probably better if you check it out on a notebook / desktop at some point 🙂 hard to describe what's going on there and honestly i don't quite understand what's going on.


here's a tamer one: -- not sure what #b000000 is. may be there used to be some way to do binary?


For some definition of tamer. 😎


lol, i think you'll agree once you see the other one in full 😉


Still. I think they might be processing that code some other way before giving it to the reader. In both cases.


perhaps so


Hi. When I for example have this statement at the beginning of a row: (str 1 2) ...and if I put the cursor before the first ( and write another (, then I get this: ()(str 1 2) I was expecting this: ((str 1 2)) If I now put the cursor between () and (str 1 2) and press "back delete" then it doesn't delete anything, only moves the cursor one step to the left. Do I miss something here? I'm used with Cursive with Parinfer, but this is now to me.


So, two things there. 1. By default VS Code automatically puts a balancing paren directly after the opening one. 2. Cava Paredit prevents you from deleting the closing paren, press backspace once more (when the caret is between the parens) and both will get deleted. It's described under Strict Mode here: There are three ways to deal with the default balancing paren there: a. Use the Wrap Around () command instead of typing a paren, ctrl+shift+alt+p. b. Type the opening paren and then issue the Paredit Slurp Forward command, ctrl+right. c. Rebind the Wrap Around () command to (, so that it works like in Cursive: (I most often do b, sometines a.)


Ok, thanks, will try that out!

Allen Dupras18:03:44

Hello, I am trying to jack-in to a shadow-cljs build with a browser target. In the CLJS REPL I am encountering a "No application has connected to the REPL server. Make sure your JS environment has loaded your compiled ClojureScript code." message. When observing the local host at the port specified in :dev-http I encounter a "Loading failed for the <script> with source “http://localhost:8080/main.js”. " message in the FireFox web console. In Chrome I recieve an error message that says "main.js:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)" I am using this demo, I have added

[cider/cider-nrepl "0.21.0"]
to the shadow-cljs.edn which was suggested in the shadow-cljs docs. When Jacking in I choose the :app build and the build to connect to browser-repl. I would greatly appreciate any help. 🙂


Hi! Calva needs the app to be running in the browser before it can connect to its REPL. So the cause for that message is that your app doesn't start.

Allen Dupras19:03:54

Thank you! I have now ran the "Calva: Connect to a Running REPL Server in the Project" command and the CLJS REPL gives me a "REPL connected" message. However, I still receive the "Loading failed for the <script> with source “http://localhost:8080/main.js”." message from the web console... Do you believe this is an issue with how I'm using Calva or shadow-cljs? From the shadow-cljs dashboard it shows that my build status is "missing".


I'll give the project a shot and see what I can understand.


Figured it out. 😃


You need to first run npm install . Then things start to work and you can: 1. Jack in. 2. Load the app at http://localhost:8080, 3. Load main.cljs in Calva. (`ctrl+al+c enter`)

Allen Dupras20:03:52

Thank you! I have it working now! I'm not 100% sure what my issue was.. But I believe I am on a much better track to trouble shoot should it happen again. 🙂

Allen Dupras20:03:10

Also, thank you for all your work on Calva! I have been using it for some time now and it is the best Clojure experince I have had so far! 🙂

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That is super awesome to hear!


Dear Calva friends. I have a VSIX I'd like help some testing with. It adds support for projects using lein-shadow, a Leiningen plugin that will run you shadow-cljs projects with dpendencies managed by Leiningen. I found out that Luminus uses this. With this support it gets much more straight forward to get up and running with Luninus+shadow+Calva. Even if you don't have such a project, I'd like help testing this b/c it took some refactoring and I am worried I messed something up.