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Merry Christmas, Calva-friends! And happy holidays, and all that too! It has certainly been an exciting year for me, I was in over my head there a while, but this amazing community helped me overcome. I will be forever grateful. And Calva is a lot better in all ways. A huge thanks also to my Calva team mates who certainly have a huge part in the progress of the product. I'm hoping for a slightly less exciting 2020, but who knows. 😍

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Gary Zhuge22:12:13

Hi, total beginner here to both Calva and Clojure, but I jack-in to Calva I think and it says its launching the repl but then gets stuck here. How do I access the repl? Do I have to open another terminal and connect to the port somehow?


I think it might be that you use the uberjar profile. Not sure, but try without it.