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Calva-friends: There are troubles reported with the REPL window in v2.0.68. One is a font messup that I have just fixed, v2.0.69 is out. The other is about the REPL window not carrying out cursor movements and other important key commands. I am currently unable to reproduce this. If someone more experiences this, downgrading to 2.0.66 apparently helps. And also if you do run across it, if you have some time to try to figure out a repro and tell me about the OS and versions of stuff you have and such, that would help me a lot. Add comments to this issue, please:


Now there is a version 2.0.70 out. Those who have tested it says it stabilises the REPL window. I am sorry for the problems the bad versions might have caused you. Will try to figure out how to improve the stability of the releases. This one was particularly tricky because I couldn't repro the bug. Keep helping me with reports on stuff that regresses, please.

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@pez: With 2.0.70 there are now problems with autocompletion in the REPL window. Names are autocompleted but appended to the typed letters or placed outside of parentheses or square brackets when they should go inside.


Interesting. Can I haz issue?


You got it: #519

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