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Thanks, @hoppy . I wonder how I messed that up.


I filed that earlier. I'll be glad to help test if needed.


Can you test the same from the editor?


Hi all. I am wondering how can I speed up starting up a CLJS (node repl) project in Calva? at the moment it takes about 4 minutes to start.


@dennisa it doesn’t sound like a Calva specific problem, so you should consider posting in #clojurescript , or #shadow-cljs , or #figwheel-main , or … well, depending on what you are using. But anyway, can you give us some details about your project? Where is the time spent? There is a chance you can automate the start sequence with Calva’s Connect Sequences, which usually saves time,


@scott.archer, I just tried it. Seems to be specific to the REPL window. Probably introduced with the recent multiline prompt settings. Shouldn’t be too hard to fix.


@pez I can type in the repl on that last vsix, but history doesn't seem to be there at all.


(and unfortunately, I'm driving again today)


Re slow start. @pez This is measured on Windows 10, HP, i5 8 GB RAM. Using Shadow CLJS on a basic cljs project. Here are my measurements from the work PC:

fetch metadata and extract:shadow-cljs => takes a little while
npx: installed 90 in 41.514s  => it's quite long, why should it install it every time?
[:app] Configuring build. => takes a while, not sure how
compiling the app => about 10-15 seconds
I am comparing Jack-in with Cursive, where I need to • start the shadow-cljs server (the catch is that it's almost always already been started), if not it takes about 0.5 minutes • start the clj repl • issue the shadow's node command to start the node REPL Alles zusammen, it takes Cursive about 10 seconds to give me the node-repl when the shadow server is running and 35-50 seconds when I have to start the server (and no dependencies has changed). Which is quite a difference when I am trying to use Calva, and cannot keep all apps open all the time..


@dennisa, gotcha. It is a feature of npx that it reinstalls stuff… I just tried using ./node_modules/.bin/shadow-cljs instead and for a minimal browser project I got a jack-in time from scratch to a cljs repl of 10-15 seconds. Mostly spent configuring, which I don’t know what it is. Please file an issue about it and I’ll have a look at what the implications would be to switch. Are you using Windows or something civilized?


@hoppy, I can’t reproduce the history problem. Can you check the Webview Developer Tools console for any error messages?