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Marc O'Morain10:12:34

How can I delete the red brace here?

Marc O'Morain10:12:45

(pressing backspace just jumps over it, leaving it in place)

Marc O'Morain10:12:50

aha, the same question as @qythium 😄 - did you find out how to delete it yuhan?


Haha, sorry. Just alt-backspace it. It is a bug that you must do that, though. I'd welcome an issue reported.


Thanks! Maybe it makes sense to add this to the strict mode?

Filipe Silva11:12:16

I've ran into this in strict mode as well, and thought maybe I was just ignorant of how it should work

Filipe Silva11:12:55

it didn't make any sense to me it was skipping unbalanced delimiters though... as I was learning how to handle strict mode, this was the problem that most bit me

Filipe Silva11:12:46

I'd forget to select a full sexp before deleting it, then tried to delete the leftover, and was always unsure of when it would work or not


That you can't delete the unbalanced paren is a bug.

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My question about strict mode was the other suggestions in the PR.

Filipe Silva12:12:40

ah.. that I don't have an opinion about


I guess the latest update defaults to structured editing or something. At first I was really frustrated, but then I felt like I had unlocked some dark magic once I understood how it works 🙂.


Indeed, I changed the default once I had a better implementation. The old impl was way too erratic to serve as default.


@qythium, filed an issue on the repo which would take things a step further. I'll try to get some time to fix that.


I have some problems when paredit seems to be active outside clojure files. Anyone else seen that?


Does Calva works with deps.edn projects instead of lein projects?


(I call them Clojure CLI projects in Calva.)


Does it require a deps.edn file?


I was working on the advent of code day 1 stuff and ended up using lein, then moving files over to work with just Clojure CLI.


(I'll read docs I honestly haven't looked yet)


Currently it requires a deps.edn file. Maybe it can be empty, I'm not sure w/o checking.


I’d like to file a feature request, but I’m check first here whether this is already implemented or if there exists an issue for this. My feature request is a keyboard shortcut for prepending a form with #_ when I want to comment out the whole form. This comes in handy, when we have multiple closing brackets after a form that we want to comment out. Example:

 (inc 1)
 (inc 2))
If I want to comment out (inc 2), I need to put the last bracket on a new line:
  (inc 1)
  ; (inc 2)
or I could use #_:
  (inc 1)
  #_(inc 2))
It’d be nice if there’s a shortcut for that (prepending #_ to a form).


Would that be prepending #_ to the enclosing form?


Where is the cursor when you want to disable the form?


Another solution would be that Calva automatically dropped the paren trail down on the next line when you type that ;, right?


(Just trying to understand the use case.)