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Michael Mossinsohn10:11:10

An important distinction! Thanks for clarifying this point. If I'll manage to get things to work, I'll post the solution. Thanx a bunch!


Hi all. Do you know if Calva supports in some way “Go to Symbol in File”. I have a file with a lot of functions and I need a quick way to jump between the different functions. However, when I use “Go to Symbol in File” I get an empty list with the message “No symbol information for the file”. Calva is running and I’ve evaluated the file.


That's not implemented yet, @sasho.popov. There's this old PR that started with that work, but we have dropped the ball.


I see. Ok, thank you 🙂

Michael Mossinsohn14:11:05

Case solved: I was missing the :after-load hook for shadow-cljs and was blaming Calva for my trouble, which made me look for a solution in the wrong places. Thank you @pez for pointing out that hot reloading is under shadow-cljs' jurisdiction, which got me on the right track. Regarding the workflow, I find it useful to wait for the compilation stage to end (look at the terminal's output, and not at the 'Calva says' output section), and for the application to load, before confirming that I'd like to connect to the :app's cljs REPL. Thank you for your support and for Calva! It really makes the development experience better, while making Clojure and ClojureScript development more approachable to new users.


Awesome, @consistent1! It makes me happy that Calva improves your dev experience. I'll use the workflow info you provided to try improve the messaging and documentation.