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Hey, What would be the best way to use calva with fullstack monorepo project? We have in a single repo backend project and frontend project and some cljc folders. Ideally I could have the whole project open in vscode and have both backend repl and frontend repl running at the same time. Atleast the jack-in can have only one project at the same time?


I've used cursive earlier and ran the project backend repl in cursive and frontend figwheel repl from terminal. Would love to switch to calva for better macro support

David Brear14:11:37

we have a similar project structure. I've simply opened vscode in each sub directory and then run the nrepl from there. It works pretty well. You're wanting to be able to evaluate each nrepl depending on where it is in the structure, right?


Yea I think in emacs it's possible to just evaluate code in cljs or clj files and it automatically evaluates it on the right repl.


Hi, @joni.korpelin! I am not very familiar with monorepos, so not sure what the answer is. But maybe this page is relevant?


Also, I think it is good to have some basic understanding about the Calva Jack-in process in order to figure things out: