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Cool. Welcome back! I think we have made things a bit simpler, and more solid, since last you tried Calva.

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Dear Calva friends: Please have a look at this issue, about simpler evaluation shortcuts, and chip in with your suggestions:

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that's exactly what I use in Cider and Calva, Alt-Enter for eval-defun and Shift-Enter for eval-expression


(Alt-Shift-enter for eval-to-comment, Ctrl-Shift-enter for eval-and-replace)


but I think it's something of a personal preference coming from Jupyter notebooks

David Xing16:11:34

Hi all, I am very new to clojure, just started using calva, and there are a few things I couldn't work out. I start repl by doing lein repl 1. How can I use the Peek/ Go-to Definition feature 2. How can I switch between repl for clj and cljs


@david.xing: Welcome! I think you should start by checking this page: TL;DR You should go for the Jack-in option. So don’t start the REPL yourself, but let Calva do it for you. Please don’t hold back with your further questions!