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Sandae Macalalag15:11:24

Hi, it seems when I'm using VIM + Calva, ESC key is not working to return me back to navigation mode.

Sandae Macalalag15:11:20

I have clojureVSCode installed as well.

Sandae Macalalag15:11:34

When I disable Calva, ESC is working fine.


@sandae.macalalag we have some limitations regarding the the use of the VIM extension with calva. Take a look here for more details.


@sandae.macalalag Further, you probably shouldn't use both Calva and clojureVSCode. They are overlapping in core functionality. So it is either or. (I recommend Calva, of course. 😃 )


Hi all. I am checking out the latest version of Calva and love to say you guys are doing great job! One of the thing I haven’t managed to setup yet is to have side-effects macros like time report in the repl window (like Cursive). At the moment it’s printing in the separate Calva says.. window, which is confusing for me. I’m using shadow cljs with node repl. Is this my config or intended behaviour?


Thanks, @dennisa! It is configurable. Don't remember what the setting is... asyncOutput something.


@dennisa the config is

"calva.sendAsyncOutputTo": "Both"
with this the output gets send to the replWindow and the Calva says or "REPL Window" to have it only send to replWindow 😄

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