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Lars Nilsson16:10:57

Does anyone have a quick, easy, and appropriate method for requiring doc and find-doc in particular from clojure.repl upon Calva startup?

Lars Nilsson16:10:59

I need to do (require '[clojure.repl :refer [doc find-doc]) more than I'd like when the Calva repl appears.


@chamaeleon there is a quicker way to do that. ctrl+alt+c ctrl+u, which is the default binding for the command to require the repl utils.


I think you will still need to do it as often though.

Lars Nilsson16:10:16

I see it as a command that has a key binding now. I didn't know it existed.


We should consider doing that automatically for all namespaces that get loaded… Not sure if that would be safe, but I think it should.

Lars Nilsson16:10:50

Thanks a bunch. I appreciate Calva very much.


> I didn’t know it existed. There are a lot of secrets in Calva, unfortunately.


You’re welcome! If you think those utilities should be loaded automatically, please file an issue about it.

Lars Nilsson16:10:26

My personal opinion is yes, as I've been used to it from lein repl and nrepl connectivity in emacs. I will have look at creating an issue (if there isn't something similar already). But in either case, knowing there's a command/keybinding will alleviate the "pain" a lot. 🙂


I agree with that as well ^

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Issue, or it didn’t happen! 😀

Lars Nilsson17:10:02

Filed issue #433. 🙂




Anyone using VSC with the Vim Plugin (on Linux)?


and has figured out a way to have caps lock bound to escape?


Calva should pop up the suggestion to read that doc page when it sees you are using the vim extension. Didn't it?