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Good morning Calva-friends! On my Windows system (German version, German(Germany) keyboard layout) a have the problem that the shortcut ctrl+alt+e is simply interpreted as the character e. This is more of an vscode issue but I noticed it in Calva because it always executes "Evaluate current form inline" (`ctrl+alt+c e`) when I press ctrl+alt+c ctrl+alt+e ("Send current form to REPL") on my system. I can reproduce this on many systems with other keyboard layouts as well: for example French(France), French(Begium), Spanish(Spain), Swedisch(Sweden). On the other side @slack1038 from the calva team can not reproduce it on his German Windows System. So perhaps if somebody here working on Windows could make this small test I made here: and share the result and the windows version, regional settings and keyboard layout. Would be nice to find out if this is an isolated problem with the systems I have around or a more general on. Thank you!


@c.fehse in v2.0.40 the shortcuts should be ctrl+alt+c v, and ctrl+alt+c ctrl+alt+v, on windows.


@pez You change that. Cool. gg


Yeah, I was defeated by vscode!