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ah looks like #240 is covering what I want for this.

Janne Sauvala09:09:43

With a little configuration you should be able to get quite nice setup with REBL 🙂


@gerred: I also listened to Sean. 😃 And I also got very inspired and started wishing for better Calva support for REBL. Is that middleware mention in #240? Otherwise please add.


I think that's starting to head the right direction. 🙂

Roman Tsopin17:09:21

Hi there. There was a handy option in the previous version of Calva, to connect to any nrepl by url, without creating a project folder. It was especially cool for lein try plugin to pull any dependency and start messing with it. Seems like it’s not working now or am I missing something?


@romantsopin , it is not intentional. Please file an issue about it.

Roman Tsopin17:09:29

Done, thanks

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