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Hi all, today, I am getting 'calv.jackIn' command not found error. I uninstalled and reinstalled..


I think this happened after some java plugin installation.. I am still on VScode 1.30.. any idea how to look into the exact error stack?


I downloaded VSCODE 1.38.0 and it is launching repl fine.. I would like to dig into the issue though and see if I can uncover any issue


Maybe we have introduced a requirement on newer vscode... I know I did it at some point, but then I updated the manifest, and that was requiring 1.30.0, which is where you started there. Hmmm...


If you find the time to investigate, @manas.marthi, that would be great. This seems pretty serious, I would say.


Hello. Today, something interesting started to happen - when I start Jack-in, the moment I close the Repl window, the nREPL connect gets closed :thinking_face: Is there a way for me to prevent this?


Jacking in...
Hooking up nREPL sessions...
Connected session: clj
cljc files will use the clj REPL.
Jack-in done.
nREPL Connection was closed


It’s not the end of the world, but it’d be nice to be able to opt to the old behavior of being able to close the REPL window.


Hm, let me have a look.


Yep, I think that’s definitely it. As I said, it’s not a big deal for me. I don’t use the repl window, so: 1) until now - first thing to do, after jack-in is finished - close the repl window 2) now - move the repl window to the left group and simply leave it open I mean, in both cases, it’s not ideal, it’d be good to be able to opt-out of the window completely and not need to do any unnecessary actions every time the Jack-in starts, but this is a minor inconvenience, I can live with it. 🙂


I read the description a bit too fast there. I don't think we should close the the session because the repl window closes. Please file an issue about it.


O.K., will do… should I maybe try to do a PR for this 😳


That would be extra super cool.


O.K., will try, but not sure of the result… 🙂


Have a chat with the author of that PR 316, I think he can point you in the right direction.


I tagged him in the PR, maybe he can review it as well.


We merged that and released just a few days ago.


@pez I think it would be nice if either A) Evaluations sent to the REPL window were pretty printed by default OR B) There were a setting that would allow pretty print when evaluating Using ctrl+enter in the repl window works, but I want evaluations sent to the REPL from my code file to also be pretty printed (without sending to the output/Calva says window, I know this works). I believe the Ultra plugin and also Cider pretty print by default in the REPL. Should I create a feature request?


Yep, that’d be nice!


Pretty printing by default makes total sense to me.

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I'm going to take a stab at this soon if no one else does first. I've been working extra lately so my mind has been needing a break from coding after work, but I may be able to hit it in the next week


It is important to rest. I am speaking out of experience.


That said. If you pick this up, I think it should be solved such that there is an easy toggle of pretty printing. In the status bar and as a keyboard shortcut. Then evaluation read that toggle, regardless if it is inline or in the REPL window. And we then remove all pretty print commands.

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Create a feature request and a PR, i would say. 😀

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issue coming in, it'd be awesome to be able to add nrebl.middlware in: