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For some reason now when I package calva myself with vsce, and install the vsix, none of the commands seem to be recognized.

command 'calva.jackIn' not found


Anyone else have this issue? I've retried it multiple times. I removed the node_modules folder, repackaged again, uninstalled Calva, removed the old extension folder, installed the custom built package - still says commands not found.


If I run it in debug mode, my one (tiny) change works fine, and it's the same change I've been carrying through versions and packaging myself. The packaging worked until now :thinking_face:


What happened with issue 287 was that the VSIX package got mangled at the marketplace (or when placed there, something went wrong in Microsofts handling of it, very strange and scary). I uploaded the same package again, and then it worked.

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As for why your build doesn’t work… We have been doing some changes to the build process to make it work on Circle-CI, but I don’t understand why that would stop it from working on your machine. What OS is this?


@pez I'm on Windows 10. I just did some more verifying, tried different things, and it's still not recognizing the calva commands. I completely deleted my fork on github and locally, then followed the current How to Contribute wiki guide: forked Calva, cloned my fork, switched to dev branch, ran npm install, ran the TS build task, the webpack task, then built it with vsce package. When I install the package and run the jack-in command I get command 'calva.jackIn' not found


Same with other Calva commands. I also tried packaging master, and made sure my vsce package was up to date


I can run Calva in debug mode and use it successfully in the debugger instance, just the packaged vsix is not working.


Very strange. Can you try check out some old commit, from when you had it working, and see if that still works?


Is the jack-in part still mandatory to do at least once even if not messing with cljs?


It used to say that in the guide but now it has the jack-in part below the other tasks and says it's optional


But I got this just now


Just ran the watch cljs task and then re-ran the watch TS task and it worked. We may need to change the guide back to how it was?


If you checked out something older, then jack-in is needed. But not with the stuff on dev.


I went back to the v2.0.34 commit and packaged and installed the package, still not recognizing the commands. I think this is the one that worked for me before. :thinking_face:


I've spent so much time on this lol. Not making sense. Probably something super simple.


I don't understand how it can see all the commands, but then say not found. There is a disconnect somewhere.


I see that PRs generate a vsix now. Maybe I'll try that tomorrow.


@brandon.ringe, it is totally strange with that error. I am worried that it is a symptom of something. Does the extension activate even? You would see that if you get the greetings in Calva says at startup.


Is there some way to hide that help info with logos?



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