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because of course I'm the loudest of users


not sure where the "base" formatting for themes is coming from, and ignoring that I can fix it myself (I try to use calva in it's undisturbed form while giving feedback), light themes are really hard to read. i've tried alabaster, github, light, light+, solarized light, and friends, and every keyword has a color that's really hard to parse in a larger context.


noticeably, it's the relatively same color set for dark themes and high contrast themes.


so either I've got something wrong or this would be really nice to fix for users using low-contrast light themes (I switch to light themes at night with tired eyes)


nm I think I'm the problem looking at my settings.json and seeing something I don't recognize.


i'm not sure how that got into my settings.json, I didn't put it there I don't think.


but if someone else has the same issue, remove editor.tokenColorCustomizations.textMateRules[].settings.foreground


or really that whole block


i'm mostly sure though that I didn't type that, it'd require so many cocktails for me to do that.🍸


highlighting scopes suck, that's how I'll end my night.


You probably picked it up on the Calva wiki early on and then forgot about it. Those settings can be scoped on dark and light theme, and probably should.


I’ve updated that wiki page now, to reflect that it is better done in a theme-scoped manner.


Regarding Paredit strict mode, there is a keyboard shortcut variant that adds that. Check Settings for Calva Paredit Default Key Map. It is far from perfect, though, if you find yourself prohibited from deleting something you should be permitted to delete, hold down alt while deleting.


@gerred > paredit + just the right sprinkling of parinfer I missed this on my first read. Saw it now and it made my day. Thanks!


TIL: Few Calva users know the calva.jackInEnv setting. So I decided to at least mention it somewhere. 😄

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