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I've rather seen the opposite happen. If i have a custom package with a lower semver than the published one, vscode autoupdates it.


@brandon.ringe: Without knowing your project setups and exact requirements, here's an idea. When we have connected the repl, we register a general out handler, which listens to all messages in a session and prints when it sees something in out or err to the repl. And other handlers are made not to print.


We will need to solve how the handler should know where to print a particular message. Might be tricky, but let's say we solve that. Should that solve your case?


It sounds like that would solve it.


@pez I verified through a coworker that my custom vsix changes are still in effect, even though I uninstalled it and reinstalled Calva from the marketplace, just fyi. Must be an issue with having the custom vsix with the same name and version. Next time I'll name/version it differently, though in the mean time I don't yet know how to fix it so that it's just marketplace Calva. Might be something to note in the contributor guide in the section about packaging, to rename/re-version to avoid this issue. I can add it if you want.


Yes, that should be mentioned there. What do you have in ~/.vscode/extensions/ after uninstalling your custom vsix?


I still see the extension folder


After uninstalling/reloading


So that may be why, it sees a match and just uses that old folder


You mean the calva extension folder?


If so, you should be able to get the published one by removing that folder and then installing from the marketplace.

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Strange that it lingers around after uninstall though...


@pez That seems to be a windows thing. I just got on my ubuntu machine and uninstalled the extension and saw that the extension folder was removed.


I bet your reinstall is much faster on Windows. All hail the fast operating system.

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