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Beginner question: Here are my two editor windows. The left one is running clojure-koans with the help of I-have-no-idea-just-running-it-out-of-the-box. Super pretty syntax highlighting, but not connected to nREPL. The right one is a basic leins project running Calva. I can evaluate everything with the help of nREPL but the highlighting is so sparse the ))))))s are killing me. Can you give me any directions towards nicer syntax highlighting?


So reloading the window probably helps. Maybe deactivating and activating Clojure Warrior works too.


Thanks @pez, I'll try that!


This is to the channel: As for Nikita not using VS Code any more, we should maybe offer to bring over the maintenance of Clojure Warrior into the Calva project. Syntax highlighting is quite an important part of the workflow, that is now split between Calva and CW.

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