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Hi. I have a problem debugging fullstack app in calva. I use a template from $ lein new re-frame dd +cider +handler. When i run the resulting app from lein, $ lein figwheel whatever I print with core/println from server code pops up in repl and figwheel_server.log. But when I run calva jack-in that output is just lost.


Probably it has the same root cause, but my case is about debugging ring handlers.


... and changed log behavior of figwheel.


This probably has nothing to do with it, but that +cider option might screw things up. I am guessing it adds cider dependencies to the project.clj, which might conflict with the ones Calva jack-in injects.


I'll try to clean them up and see what happens.


Removing cider dependencies doesn't help


I didn't think it would help. I have some little time now to listen to the problem. That re-frame template, does it create a lein-figwheel or a figwheel-main, project?


Hmmm, it created a shadow-cljs project for me...


It creates a lein-figwheel project


calva-friends: I have a suggestion. If you add calva-friends to your My Keywords notifications settings for this slack, then you'll get a badge on this channel when someone uses that word. I'll use it when I want your attention on something. Slack won't beep or flash anything, it will just badge the channel.


That said. calva-friends: I have some good news. Calva was selected for Q3 funding by Clojurists Together! Please spread the word! It means I will spend even more time with Calva and I will try get some stuff done that otherwise I deem are a bit to big/boring. It will be documentation, quality work/refactoring, but also some feature adding. @slack1038 has starting to bring some refactoring support into Calva and I will join in that. I don't know if I'll be able to also get some time to ease the pain points with the REPL window, but I will certainly try.

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Congrats @pez! this is exciting for you - how is the REPL window currently implemented - is there support in VSCode or did you have to shoehorn something in?


@chris547, thanks! We had to shoehorn it in. It is implemented with a Webview. Underneath there is a whole new Clojure editor, with syntax highlighting, formatting, structural editing and all that. In theory this is great. But it gets to be a project of its own that I do not have the time to maintain (nor the time to gain the skills for, it was written by a genius frontend coder). It has lots of small and some big issues and I just don't have a good idea for how to dig myself out of the trap. I am currently thinking I should replace it using a coming virtual terminal API, but I haven't experimented with that enough to see if it is good enough.

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Wow, that does sound, um complicated! Well thanks for taking the time to explain it plus contribute to the community! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

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It's a mess. But we'll figure something out. Meanwhile people will have to live with it being a bit quirky.

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