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Christian Hildebrandt14:08:07

Heyho, I'm a new calva user trying to connect to a cljs REPL in a new cljs project that I can successfully start with clj --main cljs.main --compile cljstest.core --repl, but so far only managing to connect to a clj REPL, which isn't helping me much. I'm now looking for some help with this, but can't seem to find anything online. Could you guys point me at the correct piece of documentation to consult?

Christian Hildebrandt15:08:53

It's starting to seem like I'm going to need to use Figwheel Main, lein-figwheel, or shadow-cljs in order to use Calva with ClojureScript at all. Is that true, or is there any way to just use the clj CLI and deps.edn ?


There is a setting for adding your own cljs config. I'm afk, but try typing calvacljs in .vscode/settings.json and see if some completion pops up. I've forgotten what the setting was named.