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Just a happy user report — came back from vacation and set a colleague up with Calva 2.0, and everything works a breeze. He was pretty impressed 🙂 Using Lein and a plain Clojure project so far, but evaluations worked, REPL worked perfect. Only downside is the error printing but I see that’s in progress 😄


Thanks, @orestis! That's great to hear.


What about error printing is on the wishlist?


When you evaluate something in the editor and it throws, we couldn’t find a way to see the whole stacktrace.


When you type something directly in the REPL, you see a nice formatted stacktrace.


@pez yeah I use it, but ctrl+hover window feels more convenient because it shows both source and rendered docs


@orestis, if there is an issue for this, please chime in on it on github to give it attention. Otherwise, I'd appreciate an issue about it. Not sure how it should be tackled, but issues are the way I get reminded of things that should be looked at. 😃


@cheatex, I think this might be general for vscode. Calva only produces the docs really and on ctrl/cmd vscode adds that peek into the source. Seems a command for doing that w/o hover is lacking. At least I can't find any such command regardless of what language I am editing.


Ok, I thought it's a calva extension. Clojure and CSS are the only languages I use Code for )


Well, the contents for the hover and the path for the preview are provided by Calva. But the UI as such is general VS Code.


Dear calva-friends, you can help me test that clojure-cli jack-in works in this test build. (It's a quite big change under the hood, so I'd love help with testing Leiningen and shadow-cljs projects as well.) To put it to a test: install the VSIX file in VS Code from the meatballs menu (`...`) in the Extensions pane. cc: @johnjelinek @slack1038

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I left feedback in other thread


summary: • calva works with powershell • can't switch to different terminals in vs code


works for me (linux, lein, figwheel.main)

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This build should fix the jack-in glitch when, on Windows, the connection process wouldn't sometimes (about every other time) continue when the nrepl server had started. @cheatex: can you confirm that it works in an non-glitchy way on Lunux? I am assuming Mac and Linux provide a similar API for the FSWatcher, but don't have a Linux environment handy to confirm that.


Yes, still works

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In this build I have fixed an issue with shadow-cljs jack-in where, for some project configs, the nrepl port wasn't picked up correctly. The change is rather fundamental though, so again need help to check that jack-in and connect still work in all various combinations of operating systems and project types.


leinigen: jach-in and connect works fine


Thanks, @slack1038! I think I am closing in on being able to release this stuff now. It was way more work than I imagined. (Story of my developer life, of course 😄).


for me with leiningen it works fine 😄

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