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Just as a data point. Been using Calva now for the last couple of days, and stuff is working great.


My pain points have mostly been related to keybindings not being the way I’m used to from emacs (especially everything paredit), but I’m slowly configuring my way through that.


That should be pretty easy to add.


Please share a gist or something with your key bindings.


(Or paste it on the wiki, maybe is a better option.)


Looks like matching bracket highlight went down again


How did it go down?

Janne Sauvala13:07:56

Hey, I just started to play around with Calva. It seems to be great plugin for Code and it works otherwise nicely, but I’m having hard time to run the command “Calva: Evaluate current form/selection inline and print to output” by using the default key binding “^ option c e”

Janne Sauvala13:07:03

I mean, the command runs and it prints the output to the REPL, but does not generate the inline output. Inline output appears only when I select manually the command from the CMD-P menu

Janne Sauvala17:07:40

Sorry, this was just a user error. I used the modifier keys “^ option” also while pressing key “e”. Code’s keyboard shortcut hint has a little space between “^ option c” and “e”. I missed to see that space 😏

metal 1

whats the best way to kill the repl, when I switch projects the repl is still alive and I have to kill it from the process manager


Well first you could just kill the task That gets started by Calva. But when you switch Project and also want to Jack-in you can just do this. Calva reuses its old task.