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So, this is what it looks like jacking in to an Edge cljs repl, @dominicm. The user needs to have this in the workspace settings (`` in this case). Then jack-in, and (after a while) load the app in the browser.

    "calva.customCljsRepl": {
        "name": "Edge",
        "startCode": "(do (require 'dev-extras) ((resolve 'dev-extras/cljs-repl)))",
        "startingRegExp": "Website listening on:.*",
        "connectedRegExp": "Prompt will show"
I can add the settings to the generated app, if you like (when I have released this Calva feature). Should it be optional, or like the .dir-locals.el, just be there? I’m suggesting just place it there, and less people will forget to opt it in, it’s not going to hurt anyone who doesn’t need it.


Here’s a release candidate of the custom cljs repl stuff. Try this one, @hoppy.