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I have created a wiki page about code evaluation. Please check it out and help improve it (you know you can edit Calva wiki pages, right?).


On the wiki about code evaluation (not making the changes myself because I'm not sure you'll think this is a good idea or that I'll get it right), I think "Sending it to the REPL window from a file editor" should be in the first section ("Evaluation in a File Editor") rather than in "Evaluating in a REPL window," because this is about evaluating code that's in a file editor, and as far as I know the only way to do that and to get all and only the output printed somewhere. Not sure if the "Pretty printed" option (to Calva says) should also say that it will print extra newlines, or if that's a behavior that will change. Also, it says "you can also choose what should happen with the results" and it would be nice if it said how you can choose (I don't know how).


Thanks! I hesitated on what goes where. Maybe I should try another structure even. About pretty printing, it only is applied to the results, not the side effects, so Calva does not add any extra newlines for that. (And also, the extra newlines for stdout stuff is a bug, so I'd rather fix it than include it in the documentation. 😄 )


About ”you can choose”, is it clear that it is a headline to the four different options? And what you are asking for is that we should tell how it is done?


Sounds good. On "you can choose" yes, it's clear that that's a headline to four options, but it's not clear how one selects among them (is it using different commands? If so then maybe the specific commands can be provided... or maybe the choice is made in some different way?)


It is commands. I am myself a heavy user of the search/filter feature of the command pallette, so was thinking it was enough to provide search terms. I'll clarity those a bit. Good catch!


Anybody ave Clj-Kondo working with Calva yet?


@tbrooke, not sure what it means getting Clj-kondo to work with Calva?


@tbrooke there are a couple of people thinking about it here:


@tbrooke OK, thanks. I think you could get it to work somewhat by configuring vscode tasks, but Calva does not have any explicit support. Yet. It should be quite easy to support as an alternative to the Joker support we have today, but I a hesitating to do that, because I am rather planning to evict the linter from Calva. There are some initiatives on making separate extensions for that.


@pez if you’re already supporting joker, supporting clj-kondo might be trivial and it could be opt-in


or splitting that out into a separate extension, like calva-linters


Yeah, I think it might be trivial even. 😃


I think @marc-omorain were planning to make a separate extension.


I much rather have it solved that way. Linting deserves some good focus of its own. Within Calva it will not get that focus.

Marc O'Morain20:06:27

I’ve started on it yesterday

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that’s awesome. is cloure-lint a typo?

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