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@pez i updated the wiki but forgot to enter a commit message 😕

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@dennisa @pez yeah i have the same problem, but i use windows 7 at home with win 10 i have also this problem


@slack1038, so with win 7 it works, but not with win 10?


no with win 7 and win 10 it does not work


also on both os systems i have problems to connect with the running nrepl


Yeah, I think the connect is a bit broken regardless. But this with not finding the project files seems to be windows specific. Good to know, because I have had problems trouble shooting that one.


If someone with Windows wants to help debug/fix it, I’d be most happy, I don’t have Windows. @dennisa, @slack1038 .


I will try look into it right now.

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I think i found the problem. In the function getProjectDir path is used to determin the path of the project. But on windows it is kind of wierd with /c:/.... with fsPath you get the right path and it works kind of now i get EOF while reading when it tries to jack in


okay found a solution for it too instead of for example \"[nrepl \"0.6.0\"]\" does not work but '[nrepl \"0.6.0\"]' works fine but dont know where and wath i have to change to test this in calva