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Guessing calva is probably not there yet. But think it would be amazing to have something like , there is scope capture that already has similar functionality


Yes, we want something like that, @saikyun has something similar to scope-capture and we hope to find some time to try get it into Calva in some neat way.

bananadance 4

Dear channel: I have put some repro instructions on those blocking CLJS REPL issues into my nrepl test project: Hopefully this will make it easier to try help me find out what is going on and going wrong.


^ @slipset @ibarrick @hoppy and hopefully others ^


is there any simple way to swap forms location. Ex: move (do z) first in if

(if x
  (do m)
  (do z))


in cursive I could just place cursor on ( of do m and ctrl+arrow down.


There are currently two ways to do that, depending on how you feel about the structure breaking temporarily. 😃 The structural way is to use paredit transpose and swap places of the (do m) and (do z) forms. The non-structural way is the vscode built-in command for moving lines up and down. That will leave the code broken, but there is rescue with the infer parens command (`ctrl+alt+p`), and structure will be restored.


On the todo is to modify the vscode move line commands to work structurally, but who knows when someone will find time for such todos.


cool 🙂 Paredit transpose is what I was looking for (I'm using paredit, but still just basic skills). Tried the parinfer but did not work for my case, will play around with it some more 😄


Thank you 🙂


If alt+up followed by ctrl+alt+p does not work for that case, something is broken. It is the case I created the infer parens command for.


But you are right, it doesn't. Quite crazy, I wonder when that broke!


ohh 🙂 by the way, don't know when I will find time (but kinda interested in playing around with vscode + calva). If you would consider doing a screencast of you're dev setup and how you go about fixing issues like this maybe other people would find it helpfull also. (noticed the how to contribute has some nice info).


Good suggestion. I'll try to make some time for that!

bananadance 4

awesome 🙂 really curious about it. Know js & cljs, but never worked with TS


TS is new for me as well. From my perspective it sort of makes JS great again. 😃


🙂 don't know. Last prototype rewrite of my personal project was in JS/react, after that got depressed for about 6 months. Don't think TS solves any of the problems I had (if anything it would added to them). Decided to learn clojurescript then and drop JS for good :))


Yeah, I should say it makes JS bearable, but would have lost the pun power then. 😃


AND... I hadn't pushed the repro instructions. Now fixed. 😃


(Re the nrepl-test link above. CC @vcastro70)

Jivago Alves12:05:21

Greetings folks! Is there a way to change indentation of a macro to be like let? For instance, instead of

(Describe "the body"
I’d like the following
(Describe "the body"
As you can see, :body would not be aligned with “the body”. It would just be a two-whitespace indentation.


Welcome @jivagoalves ! This is not yet implemented.


is this something that should be implemented in calva-fmt ? I use fulcro for my projects the dom/p stuff looks really off if I can't do that


Yes. It's on that todo list.

Jivago Alves16:05:19

@pez Thanks for clarifying. Please let me know how we can help with development.


@jivagoalves , thanks for asking! Check the wiki out for instructions on setting up the dev environment. I can help you find your way around the parts of the code where we would add support for custom clj-fmt configs.