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yep, finally flipped with the ctrl+alt+c business. There was a similar stunt posted elsewhere but the keybindings were stale, so I updated them to dev branch:


btw @pez, used calva (dev) today (in serious anger) bouncing between clj/cljs in same project, and didn't see anything new that was troubling. hanging together pretty well actually.


You skuld post that key bindings snippet on the wiki, @hoppy. Maybe add a note about that alt+v does not work with some keyboards/languages, due to it producing a typed character in the text file. (It used to be the Calva key, until that was reported to me.)


@dominicm, what is edge in this context? Also, can you show me such a local.el file, or two? Maybe that will make it clearer what it would take to support those custom cljs repls.


Edge is JUXT's application foundation, a bit like a template.

(cider-default-cljs-repl . edge)
(cider-cljs-repl-types . ((edge "(do (require 'dev-extras) ((resolve 'dev-extras/cljs-repl)))")))


If there's cider-refresh integration in calva, I'd love to integrate that too.


I’d like to make calva and edge go very smooth together too. And I am right now looking at the jack-in-process and how we support different cljs repls. I think that should be quite possible. But it is going to be lost in the slack history here. Can you file an issue about it and provide links and info there? It really asks for a bit less hardcoded cljs types definitions than I currently have.


I've created #180 to start on the outline of that. I don't want to tie up the notion of "project-local config" with "custom repl types", so I've tried to keep mention minimal intentionally. This stems from not knowing VSCode at all 🙂

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@dominicm, there is a setting in current Calva, for specifying the command to use to start the cljs-repl. I think that setting might not be at use in Calva 2, but if we can confirm that it would help for the edge case (!) that would be informative for how to do it in Calva 2.


Hi, trying out vscode & calva a bit. Got most things working (repl eval, go to definition, peek definition) but I'm a bit stuck on the function signature. Is there anything special I should do to get that in the function doc info ?


You mean the args for the function? If so, that is currently not implemented.


I think @ibarrick might be looking at implementing it.

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that one would be really nice to have (used to it from cursive) 🙂


ex: map on hover I only get cljs.core/map Returns a lazy sequence consisting...


Yes, you’re right. That used to be better. Please file an issue about it so that I don’t forget to investigate it.


oky, will do 🙂