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Thinking about adding a SignatureHelpProvider to Calva, I found it a very useful feature of avli/clojureVSCode and after looking over the source code of avli/clojureVSCode it would probably be pretty painless to port over to Calva since they work similarly. Would this be a welcome contribution?


There was a discussion somewhere, I can’t find it now, about how the new repl window includes arguments to the function and that that should be utilized in the editor as well.


It's related I think, the signature helper automatically pops up as you are typing and is aware of which position you are at. The completion helper including args would also be useful


OK. Thanks for clarifying that. You are of course welcome to add that.


Please read the How to Contribute page on the wiki before you go about it. If you haven’t already. 😃


The important thing right now is that I do not have bandwidth for accepting PRs on master, because I’m working on the dev branch for all new things and will merge back on master once Calva 2 is released.


Oh that explains why I couldn't find your cljs stuff lol


What is the timeline for Calva 2? If it's very near term I might consider just doing it on dev, otherwise I'm not sure where that leaves me 😕


Please add it on dev only. Unfortunately I don’t know how far away Calva 2 is from release. I am stuck with some blocking bugs that I have not been able to move for weeks now, despite pushing often and hard on them… But, well, I do hope it is less than a month. I will probably have gone nuts if it takes me longer than that to figure those bugs out.


Well let me know if I can help, I haven't done any serious dev with either CLJS or TS but I have plenty of experience with Clojure and Javascript so if it isn't a bug specific to CLJS I might be able to help 🙂


Wow, awesome. Yes, that would be really nice! It’s probably best with a pair programming session first to look at the bugs together. A bit of a timezone mismatch, but wth. 😃