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The previous build had some serious regression. This one tries to restore some of that, but still has two major problems: 1. A second jack-in in the same session will crash Calva. 2. Evaluations in the cljs repl that have side effects in stdout or stderr do not work. A workaround for #1 is to choose “Restart Extension Host” when the crash happens. When you see that the REPL has started in the jack-in terminal you can then use Calva connect. For #2. If the problematic evaluation is made in the CLJS REPL window, it will stop to function. Close it and open it up anew to wake it up again. Another problem, which this build shares with all previous ones, is that you can’t connect to a running Figwheel Main project. Not even one that you have started yourself with jack-in. (The first jack-in should work, though.) This one should be simple to fix, so I will concentrate on the two main issues mentioned above. The reasons I post this version are twofold. 1) There are some refactorings I’ve made that I’d like to know if they are as clean as I think they are. 2) Anyone having problems with the previous build, might like this one better (@dennisa, maybe?) Thank you all who test these builds for your help and patience. It is quite frustrating to be stuck like I am right now with these blocking bugs, but you have all been excellent in your waiting. ❤️


I had a quick look at what Flycheck does in Emacs wrt to Joker.


Basically it opens joker with --stdin so the buffer can be piped


And then these rules apply


By default Flycheck Mode automatically checks a buffer whenever
• it is enabled,
• the buffer is saved,
• a new line is inserted,
• or a short time after the last change was made in a buffer


joker --lint -


I guess it's fast enough so that it can be done repeatedly. It's limited to a single file.


Can VSCode hook on new line?


That sounds an easy integration if so.


(and assuming you can pipe the buffer or whatever it's called in VSCode without saving it first)


We can pipe the contents of the buffer.