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Doesn't it work to start the repl and connect Calva?


No reliably in my case. Until i fully restart vs code. I will take a screenshot of the error next time I get it.


We could consider a setting for loading files when they are opened, I guess. Some people keep heavy computations at the top level of the namespace. But, yeah, Calva's symbol recognition relies on them having been evaluated. So it's normal to have to load the file before those things start to work.


That would be awesome. Thanks for the consideration.


I wonder if we could have a symbol or some way of telling the user, “this is an un-evaluated file”

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Yeah, there is the status bar. As I was working with trying to get a more reliable parsing of the current ns form in place, I started to think about how to inform the user of a missing or unparsable ns form, as things just work very badly until Calva has figured out the namespace. And then I figured that maybe the status bar is a good place to inform about this. And this might be similar.


I just need to figure out how to tell if the current file is evaluated or not. 😃


This build fixes two issues: 1) Sometimes Calva would be confused about which REPL window should be used for evaluating forms from the file being edited. 2) Sometimes all Paredit commands would be disabled when switching from a REPL window to a file editor.