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not much deserves it more than calva

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I'm telling ya, this is the missing link for getting n00bs involved with clojure


Our chances are slim, I would say. There are so many worthy projects out there. But, yeah, Calva really needs to improve when it comes to onboarding newcomers to Clojure, and funding for a focused effort on that would surely help a lot.


Hey everyone 🙂 Is there are way to run a single test with Calva. So my idea is that I would like to have a given test file open and when I have my cursor at the beginning (or end) of a test, I’d like only this test to be run. Is this possible? I tried to following steps: 1. Evaluate the namespace expression at the beginning of the file (in order to make sure, that I have all the necessary requires for the test) via ⌃ + ⌥ + e. 2. Evaluate the test - however, instead of getting an output such as true/false, success/failure, I only get the name of the test.


It is not something that Calva supports yet. It has been on the todo list since before Calva was first released. Shouldn't even be that hard to do, but I had no clue back then how to do it. For now you'll have to run such a test from the REPL.


Got it, thank you, @U0ETXRFEW.