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@lspector did you give the command in this page a shot?


I don't think I made myself clear previously. I was trying to say that I was getting autocomplete and all other expected functionality without any of those dependencies, just Clojure itself, and launching with just lein repl, as long as I made sure to connect to the correct REPL. However, now that no longer works (I'm not getting autocomplete), and very sadly, neither does it work when I do add the dependencies (and restart everything). Really confused now! Haven't tried that command with the dependency injection yet. May try afresh tomorrow after a total restart, since it seems that something bigger must be wrong. Thanks.


I heard you, but I didn't quite believe it. 😃 I was mainly curious if you had gotten it working by using that command line. Anyhow, different projects and project templates will have different dependencies by default. Most of the times it works just ignoring those and inject your own. That's what that command line does. Next major Calva release will take care of it for the user, but until then, that command line is your best bet. (I think that things can go wrong anyway. The project can be specifying something incompatible that does not get overridden completely by the injections and also dependencies can come from your profiles.clj file. But if that happens, it's easier to fix.)

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Did your students and/or you give that quil project I put together a try?


@pez I think several students have used your quil project instructions and think it went well but mostly so far because of what I haven't heard. I haven't tried it from scratch myself yet but it's high on my list for the next day or so.

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Hello. Several minutes ago I typed in editors channel: My Calva says me command 'calva.reconnect' not found on every command. I reinstalled it 3 times, but nothing changed. Whet it did not find tests in test namespace, it was bad, but I lived with that. But now it not working at all. What should I do? I am very afraid to return back to terrible emacs and IDEA/Atom...


Can anybody help me?


@pez fyi my confused reports about autocomplete and dependencies stemmed in part from switching among a bunch of projects among other tasks, and having lost track of what REPLs were associated with which projects. It would be really sweet, if it's possible, for Calva to launch REPLs itself, not only to save users the steps and the learning curve, but also to ensure that one is always interacting with a REPL for the project one is editing.