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i am back to using vim keybindings so trying to adjust some things like remapping calva.clearInlineResults from escape to...something different. but i was wondering, I liked it back when the inline results would just disappear when I moved on. Can I get that functionality back with some kind of remapped keybinding?


sort of related, I was also wondering if this suggestion for eval-to-comment is on the radar at all. I prefer that as a way to keep results that I want long term instead of keeping the inline results visible until I dismiss them. Just curious, not trying to request immediate results or anything! I never know how to properly ask about these things.


Eval to comment is on the radar. It is mostly waiting for us to get the paredit library we use replaced for the one that @mseddon has written.


As for dismissing inline results. I guess it could be a setting to get them dismissed on any cursor movement…


I am not a big fan of settings though.


no worries. i'll play around with trying to find an easy rebinding for it.


i've found myself using vs code more and more for messing around with all other languages besides clojure because it just works and I am less inclined to configure it all day like fun ole emacs! calva could push me over the edge for good! Keep up the great work.


i was for sure that calva used to dismiss the inline results on cursor movement before but i could be mistaken