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@pez: To be clear, I wasn't talking about anything to support large data structures other than the issue I posted. Spewing all printed/returned output to a text buffer works for little things, huge things, anything. At least it's all I had in mind, and all I imagine wanting.


@lspector I didn’t mean to imply you had asked for something else. 😃 I was just outlining where Calva is heading.


@hmaurer, yes, Calva does not yet support clj-fmt config maps, but that is probably the way this need will be supported once we get that done.


in the new repl window, is there a keyboard shortcut i'm missing to execute what you've typed without being at the end? if I press RTN in the middle of what I typed, it inserts a line break. In a normal lein repl, pressing RTN anywhere executes what I've typed. I understand multi-line support is a big focus of the new repl window, but could we have something better than End RTN (or even Ctrl-End RTN sometimes) to execute? My preference would be Alt-RTN executes, and RTN gives a newline. Happy to make a feature request if need be 🙂


I think it makes sense that alt+enter executes. It chimes with using alt+up/down for history navigation. What you say @mseddon?


I created a feature request to note the idea:


Folks: new Calva published. When running tests for a namespace, it will load it and run any tests in it, and if it finds any namespace with the same name appended with -test, it will load that as well and run any tests in it. The reporting is still quite rude, but we'll get there!

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