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I’ve been using calva for a couple days now - but I’m not getting it to show definitions. I’m just pausing the cursor over the words - is there something else I should look at?


@wmichaelshirk That probably means you have an incompatible version of nrepl in the project. Scroll up some in this channel, iirc @mattly posted a snipped with a configuration that worked.


Thanks - that got me part way there. Evidently it wasn’t even connecting to my lein repl I started (based on the output results) - although it was evalutating anyway?


Now I’m getting auto-complete suggestions, but still only some docs - it’s showing the doc for def but not for, say, concat or sort-by.


I got it. I think I somehow had two repls running. 👍


It should be pretty solid, once you have the right middleware and just the right amount of repls. 😃


Yeah it’s ridiculous how much stuff there is around the repl connection. I hope socket-based repls start becoming the standard soon


@mattly There shouldn’t be as much stuff as there is. It is on me a bit to fix some of the moving pieces. If I get that job done, then we can assess wether it is still really a problem or not. I don’t think it is about socket or something else. Whatever functionality we want to add will require libraries and stuff and have compatibility issues.


well even with emacs it's ridiculous


emacs is just better about hiding that from you


Is there a way to step debug in VS Code?


@jeremy642 Currently, this isn't supported in Calva I'm afraid, it's a planned feature and we'll be hopefully starting on that in the not-too-distant future.




I popped back over to Cursive to debug. I need to get more familiar with repl testing problems with ring/compojure/etc.


debugging is a real must have for me, just there are things like a nice REPL and fixing up various formatter issues between that and me getting my teeth into it 🙂


When things calm down here at work, I’ll pull down calva and see if I can build it. If I can get the env set up, I will see if I can help contribute.


that'd be awesome! I just joined the project myself. 🙂


there is a how to contribute page, but if you run into any issues feel free to message myself or @pez and we'll happily help you get set up


@jeremy642 I love that attitude! There are some steps setting things set up for development, but it’s just mechanics and quite easy as such. I really hope you try and that you ask us here if you get stuck. (It is really not as well documented as it should be.)

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