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How do I check if my calva is updated?


Will VS Code/Calva work for Clojurescript development? I've been using it for Clojure lately but am entirely new to Clojurescript and I'm looking for the best way to do that.


@lspector, depends on what kind of Cojurescript development. Fighweel and shadow-cljs is supported. self hosted cljs does not get any REPL support from Calva.


@manas.marthi you can click on Calva in the extensions list and it will open the entry from the Marketplace, telling you what version is published there.


@pez thanks! Being new to Clojurescript though, I'm not yet sure what all of this means. I think I understand the figwheel part (that I can add something to my project that'll make my browser automatically reload code when I save files), but does your REPL comment mean that if I was just working with Clojurescript then I wouldn't be able to get a REPL in VS Code/Calva?


@lspector if you’re building a browser-based app, you’ll be able to use VS Code + Calva just fine


“self-hosting” is a much more advanced thing than most people’s uses. it means you’ll be executing ClojureScript code in your application, not just compiling it to JavaScript. few applications actually need to execute arbitrary clojure code read from an external source


figwheel and shadow-cljs are developer tools for doing a lot of the common things you’ll want to do. you’ll probably pick one or the other


both of them make it super easy to connect to your browser application and get a REPL in VS Code while developing


Thanks @lilactown! With your comments and now seeing the Clojurescript stuff at I think I may be in good shape. I'll try soon!

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