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hi @pez I noticed your PR on atom/language-clojure and I also have a not-looked-at PR there. Any ideas how we can get our PRs looked at? Have you found any way of getting the attention of whoever has merge permissions? Alternatively, is there any way Calva could override atom's code, so our changes can be seen in vscode faster?


@tomd i and @mseddon have discussed this some lately and concluded that we need to contribute the tmLanguage file with Calva. The Atom team obviously do not have the bandwidth needed. I’ll have a look at how easy/hard it would be. I’ll let you know when I have something you can patch with your change. (What is that change about, btw?)


Friends of Clojure in VS Code: Here’s a request for assistance. ❤️ Calva relies on calva-lib for its nrepl connection. But the current code is a bit too entangled and hard to develop. @slipset started a recaftor of it, breaking it apart into more REPL-friendly pieces. The problem is that it does not yet work. I spent some time on it and almost got it to work, but something is still wrong, because the sequence of commands used by Calva for starting the cljs REPL does not complete as they should. My testing seems to suggest everything else works, which is very puzzling. I got a bit blind after a while and have run out of ideas on how to fix it. It would be super nice if someone could pick up this branch before it rots away: I promise to be alert in reviewing PRs to that branch!


@tomd found your PR. This cracked med up! there are no words in any modern language starting with “ault” except one word (“ault”) in a Sursilvan dialect of Romansh, which is an adjective anyway. Thanks! I’ll be cheerful all day for that piece of trivia. 😄


😆 glad you enjoyed that! looking forward to when you have something to patch 🙂