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I have synchronized my fork of cljfmt to make Calva Formatter benefit from some recent bugs fixed upstream. Update and experience the bliss of the cursor placing itself correctly almost always. (There is still the placing of the cursor after a top level form that I need to figure out a good way to deal with.)


Otherwise the main issue with Calva Formatter is that Calva Paredit is using its own, conflicting, indentation rules, so that code gets reformatted (wrongly, I would say) after editing with those commands. My plan to fix that was to make the formatter's library available to the other extensions, but that work is stuck on some shadow-cljs isssues that I am unable to sort out by myself it seems (I've spent way too much time on trying anyway.) I'm figuring on changing paths for sharing that code, but will give the current path some more time. If someone would like to help me with this, I'd appreciate it a lot.


Also Calva got a new command last night. It's Copy last evaluation results to the clipboard. I think it will come in handy often in my own work, at least. 😄


Oh, on the topic of key bindings- under windows Ctrl+Esc brings up the start menu, so that binding is toast. 🙂


Good to know. I'll make it just ESC then. 😃


works for me I think 🙂


btw, I do intend to contribute to calva but man... so little time atm

parrot 1

vscode allows for pretty good precision for when the keybindings are active


I think it's really important clojure gets good vscode support, since it's so vastly popular


(I really want a proper cider-repl like experience at some point, though I am not sure if that's possible currently in vscode)


mostly I need to actually sit down and write a bunch of vscode extensions so I have a hope of working out how to do anything useful 😉


I think it's possible if we use some special files for it and control the contents of those files. That is what CIDER does, it looks to me.


Calva is my first extension, just say'n. 😃


@pez how is the Calva compatibility with shadow-cljs?


😄 yeah that would be great


@mateus.pimentel.w it's decent. I use it for Calva dev. 😀


Easier with the dependencies too. Just put in a dependency in cider/nrepl, 0.19.0-SNAPSHOT and shadow will figure out the rest.