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Sticky evaluation results now. (Dismiss with ctrl+escape).

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Already using it, it's great! Thanks so much!

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Those sticky evaluation results makes things a bit weird for some edits of the code. But I think it is worth it to allow some editing of the code like in the beginning of this gif demo. I hope you others will agree with me. If things get messy, just hit ctrl+esc.


I want to make Calva Formatter work a bit more while code is typed. This is a test version that uses a “relaxed” formatting when new lines and spaces are typed, and more aggressive formatting when “asked” to format (hitting tab) for instance. This makes it so that you can add a few newlines before a bunch of brackets while you add code, and when you want the brackets “collected” you hit tab. (Assuming you have the remove-surrounding-whitespace? option on.) If someone wants to test it and give me feedback I will be most happy. ❤️

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Well, I found a horrible misbehaviour in this version (typing (defn and then trying to add a space, fails). I understand if you people do not want to beta test it with this glitch, so will ry fix it and cook a new VSIX. (But if you want to test it anyway, I will be thrilled. 😄)