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It makes sense. No idea how feasible to make Calva send commands to an external terminal session. Unfortunately it wouldn't help starting the REPL from within code, even. But @pedrorgirardi sent me some code that might be part of a solution. It's code to start the REPL from within Calva, in-process. Not sure but if we can attach a terminal to that REPL...


Hi @dharrigan, @pez and I talked a bit about something that I’ve been playing with and it does launch a REPL from within VS Code and you can select code and send it to the REPL. I’m saying ‘REPL’ but the extension (my experiment) doesn’t know about REPLs, it knows how to run a Clojure program with lein or clojure - if your program launches a REPL then you can “talk” to your REPL and it will output to the output console (not pretty).

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I have to go now but we can discuss more about it with @pez later.