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I have released a new version of Calva Formatter. It has a command that formats the current (enclosing) form. Default key binding is tab, which might seem crazy, but together with Paredit it actually makes sense. 😀


So that made me release a new version of Calva as well. In which Calva Paredit is bundled.


Please try it out, @channel. If that key binding is too crazy I might have to change it.


tab seem okay to me so far 🙂


Thanks for helping me try it out!


I'm thinking that when things are already formatted, it might feel like the tab key is broken. At least if you are not aware about what it is bound to (which probably most people will be unaware about, I guess).


One other thing, @dharrigan. I had surprisingly hard struggles with getting the cursor to not jump around after reformat. I got some control of it. Do you think it is OK as it is, or should I fight with it some more?


I haven't observed that (not been looking). Let me get back to you on that, after a bit more experimentation.


It was madness a while, and I was worried that I would have to abandon the whole idea. 😀


Reminder that @pez should apply for Clojurists Together funding soon :)

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I really should work more with plumbing in Calva than with features for Calva Formatter. But the latter is often more fun. It’s more Clojure and less Javascript, which probably has something to do with it. I just updated the Contribute page of Calva Formatter. You guys should try it. We can make a wishlist of things that people can pick from. There is everything from performance to cool features to chew on. 😄


Calva is partly made using CLJS. Very little of it so far, but the intention is to get most all logic down to CLJS and only keep integration things in TypeScript, just as with Calva Formatter.

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I now notice that the tab key is also highjacked when the file is not a Clojure file. Not good, I thought I had tested that sufficiently, but apparently not. Looking at how to fix it now.


Hmmm, no, it seems to be only an artifact of my testing. Can someone help me confirm that the tab key is working as normal in non-clojure files, using latest Calva/Calva Formatter?


for me it works normal in non-clojure files

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@pez how do you feel about small typo PRs?


Do you need an issue created?