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I'm looking forward to an article on using Calva! 🙂


Hi question, what’s the difference between calva and clojureVSCode?


@markx: I'm not up to date with clojureVSCode, so can't do a comparison. But the reason I made Calva was that something (I have forgotten what, maybe several things) was missing to support my workflow. But since then Calva has developed a bit faster than clojureVSCode, I think. Calva has a rich set of evaluation options, evaluating inline as well as pretty printing to the output pane and also evaluating in the (somewhat) integrated Terminal REPLs). The Terminal REPLs themselves are unique for Calva I think. For ClojureScript projects Calva makes it easy to select which REPL should back the evaluations. Also Calva has shadow-cljs support (well, it tries to, and shadow-cljs is part of the tool chain for developing Calva).


Sounds good. I uninstalled clojureVSCode, because it doesn’t seem to support shadow-cljs.


I’m just a beginner, so I want to just have something to work for a starter.