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Hello! I'm going through the peg-thing game tutorial portion of chapter 5. At the rendering portion, specifically the render-pos function definition, my repl (using spacemacs/cider) is unable to resolve the colorize symbol. the text above the function mentions

The next few definitions, ansi-styles, ansi, and colorize output colored text to the terminal.
There aren't multiple definitions using all three of those referents, just the render-pos using colorize. I am using Spacemacs which uses an ansi terminal, which had me thinking maybe I am supposed to use ansi instead of colorize but my repl doesn't recognize those as functions either. any advice on what I'm not seeing here?


the function in question


@chase-lambert if you go to the Github code.. you'll see a function there for colorize (and a few helper functions for it) that isn't in the code presented in the book.


Ahhh! Thank you! I was wracking my brain thinking that there must actually be some missing code in the text. I forgot he had mentioned cloning the repo but I ignored that to write each function in myself and tinker with them in the repl for understanding as I went.