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Where does the Braid system sit when compared to the new untangled web framework. Wondering whether there is a possibility to align with Untangled to benefit from more open source contributors. Just a thought.


I also really need to up my knowledge with ClojureScript & Om. Is learning React from the official website that critical or can you sufficiently get by just picking up Om? Then learning React later.


Braid uses, Untangled is; (Braid was started before was a thing) I'm still on the fence with (built a few small projects with it), I'm actually leaning more towards reagent, but TBD... works fine


Untangled is a bit too early to be able to decide yet, if anything, we can use similar libraries; also, I tend to prefer libraries over frameworks


IMO priorities for Braid are first-time user experience, polish, and soon... extensions and mobile clients


I want to avoid refactoring the entire code-base to use <new-lib> with no end-user benefit just yet


but I'm open to it, it's just not on my personal roadmap


re: React, I learned it by using Om. It may be worth scanning through their intro docs, especially with regards to the component lifecycle.


(I had a friend ask me for help with React a few months ago, and I figured... since I'd been using om for over a year at that point, I should be able to help... heh... barely... stock React does so little (ex. with regards to shouldComponentUpdate, which om takes care of for you))


OK thanks for the tips. I'll remember to check out component lifecycle. re: Untangled was just a thought I'm going to be looking into it for my personal projects I'm sure it will help me a lot. Interested in your views on the whole Reagent vs Om thing as well.


Also I totally get your point on just getting things in a much more nicer place before doing any major refactors.


re: Untangled, if you're still new to all the components, it can be easier to understand them by starting with one (say, om) and then adding the others on as you need them...


Yea That's the plan :) I'm not doing a serious look into it as its not stable yet and I wouldn't understand any of it. But it's good to get an idea of a future path. Like if I wanted to use/learn Luminus I would learn Reagent instead of Om.


btw @grounded_sage if you ever want to pair with James or I, just let us know